Awkwards and awesomes


-Driving through my neighborhood. They’re laying new concrete, and they’ve scraped the old surface away so we drive on gavel and mud. I don’t want to ruin my tires, so I put-put up the hill at 10 miles per hour, cringing as rocks and pieces of who-knows-what hit the bottom of my car.

-Not drinking tea this morning and making a wrong turn, putting me about 15 minutes out of the way from my original destination. Let’s just say I got to visit a side of town I don’t normally see.

-While having blood work done, hearing the technician say, “I remember you. I think I helped you last time.” Does this mean I’ve become a regular?

-After aforementioned blood work, never knowing exactly when it was okay to take the bandage off and worrying about removing it to early for fear of opening the floodgates.

Awesome (the simple things, mostly):

-Savoring a pumpkin muffy from St. Louis Bread Co. for breakfast, which we got for free yesterday on my mom’s reward card.

-Chatting it up with an elderly lady at the shoe store. I love how the boredom of waiting in lines encourages people to open up to one another. As she was leaving she even wished me good luck with my new orthotics and shoes…how sweet!

-Finding a new dress that fits marvelously and matches my new shoes for under $30. Enough said.

-Expanding my fashion horizons. That dress is, for once, not a solid color. Baby steps!

-This article from NPR.

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